My experience as an English Language Arts teacher is evidence of my passion for the subject of writing and literature. Writing teachers are the best editors; we get evaluated closely for the grades we give students, so our edits are deliberate and justifiable.

I am a writer, which means that I am reflective, open to criticism, organized, deliberate and sure of my words. Anyone who has taught successfully in the public school system is not just a survivor. She is persistent, passionate, disciplined, clear, concise, and direct — as a writer, an editor, communicator, public speaker, organizer, and time manager.

I left my career as an English Language Arts career because I wanted to be a writer in earnest. I have spent the last two years writing for an e-learning company in Malaysia and teaching English in Mexico. Currently, I am an American living in Kuala Lumpur (for now) looking for work as a writer. I am an excellent editor, storyboard writer, and writer of nonfiction committed to meeting deadlines and sharing my expertise with those who need me to write their content.

Elizabeth Goodhue

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