• Pink Pangea I submit travel articles to them once a month.
  • elearning industry
  • clapway.com clapway.com welcomed me as a writer last year. They are a trendy magazine. I have written a few articles for them.
  • Teach Abroad Network This is a network that asked me to write about what it was like to be involved in education and writing overseas.
  • A Woman’s Walkabout focuses on living and working in Kuala Lumpur. It describes my life as an expatriate writing for an e-learning company. It also describes my travels and my insights.
  • A Woman’s Walkabout part one is about the first year of my walkabout when I moved to Mexico to teach English. It was a time of self-reflection and travel.
  • The Truth about Down Syndrome This is the beginning of a book I am writing about raising a son who has Down syndrome.
  • I started this creative writing blog years ago when I challenged a student to create a blog.